Femdom session tour in DUBAI booking method
2012-10-19 Fri 16:04
session tour in dubai

Mistress RINKO (from Sikkoku Venus Tokyo Japan)
will visit UAE Dubai between 5th OCT and Oct 19th


Here is the detail of session tour in Dubai

*Session rate

Single mistress session
1 hour 1500 dhs
2 hours 2500 dhs
3 hours 3500 dhs

W mistress(Mistress RINKO & Claudia) session
1 hour 2000dhs
2 hour 3000dhs
3 hour 4000dhs

Maid/slave for a day 5000 dhs
Scat session :add 1000 dhs

For double domme, slave girl, couples, modelling shoots,
forced bi sessions etc, please ask respectfully to the Mistress.

*Where is the location?

Mistress claudia's dungeoun in Dubai

*How to make a reservation
Bookings should be made in advance at least 24hours prior
by mail and confirmed on the morning of your appointment

Booking mail us
sikkoku.venus1@gmail.com or info@mistress-claudia.com

Dear slaves

Hello all the slaves in Dubai

Actually I dont think there is a big differences from japanese slave and Dubai slave

because I have a so many experience BDSM session with slaves all the world
and I am the owner of BDSM CLUB Sikkoku Venus and Fetish party Domina-Trix in tokyo Japan over 10 years

Have you ever visit BDSM club in tokyo?

imagine,,,to continue doing a independent domina or BDSM club
whatever ..in such a highly competitive area
This is not easy work

A feeling to love passion and sm heartily. And than nothing
It will be what only a person and the club with the feeling to love slaves can continue in this highly competitive area.

Of course technique and experience reliable
it is the most important first of all for pro domina.

What kind of image do you have for Japanese mistress?

open your heart and want you to take the mask off
I will take you down such a lovely sensual world

*The View of world in SM

I think the Mask which alienate SM from an ordinary life.

A person play various roles in the social life,and
He or she controls him(her)self in compliance with an occasional goal or an atmosphere.

I respect such virtue as the supreme intelligence of a human kind.
Aristoteles said that "A man is a social animal". I think that it is the truth.

However you should think it twice carefully. Who is the person that control oneself?
Is there another person who live secretlly in another world?

A lot of persons live their lives not to release their sexual dream and desires. Or they oppress their sexual wants and passions. Why? A social life is superficially far from sexual things and it is more convenient than not to touch sexual matters. Do you understand it ?

So that, the very sensitive person feels ill at ease to wear masks for the social life on the face, and is conscious that the real sexutal desires is stirring under the masks.

SM is the process to get back to the real life while peering the socaial masks.
And it is a holy ceremony to unite with a real persona.

 A man is standing in front of me. He will tear off his masks with my dominissive help. It will be whipping or Submissive training. As his stepping up the stair,he will peering the masks and will get a real himself.

But everyone will not be able to execute it successfully. It will be holy ceremony for selected sensualness.

It's all for today.
If you meet your real one, come and see me.I am waiting for you in Dubai

Mitress RINKO BDSM Club Sikkoku venus in tokyo Japan

Mazo camp 25 H films

Female worship Fetish party"Domina-Trix" organizer


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