1st OCT DUBAIドバイへ飛ぶ 叶門凜子 MIstress rinko
2012-09-03 Mon 17:56
Hello UAE

Mistress RINKO fly in DUBAI on 1st OCT for 2weeks

visitting my dear friend Mistress CLAUDIA and the slaves from Dubai,,,,,
wow I am sooo soooo exciting!

Session X Beach X shopping and more sessions
X bar X club!!!!!!and more session!

I really miss my friend claudia and KINKY slaves from dubai...
dont keep me wait any longer haha

to book a sessionand fee please check MIstress claudia Web site

or send me a e-mail with

*The date you would prefer
*how many lengh would you prefer
*whta is your taste and what you wouldlike to avoid

I am looking forward to see all of kinks and slaves in Dubai



叶門 凜子

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